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Are you looking For A level chemistry tuition in Singapore?

Chemistry is one of the interesting subjects from which people have learned so much and some of them made a good use of it and made chemicals for our daily use like bathing, food preservatives, medicines, and many more things and chemistry is surely an interesting subject but it is not as much as famous in the students and many of the students don’t find it interesting and due to which they starts to get lost grades in the subject and after a certain point of time they starts to get afraid from the subject which should not be done.


There are many students who want to learn chemistry but due to the lack of teacher available students have no way to learn chemistry and because of this many students got to fail. There are many teachers who teach 50 to 60 students in a class and due to this they do not take proper attention to every student and due to which some students who feel shy in class to ask questions would become less interested in the subject and they start to lose their interest as well as grade and many of the teachers do not a have a planned curriculum for the students so that they have a path which students have to go forward to learn basics chemistry to advanced chemistry which can make a student interested in chemistry.


How we can help you to have good grades in chemistry?


We are one of the tuition classes which is comprised of the skilled and professional teachers who know how to teach students and how to develop an interest in them by learning the basics of chemistry and then take their journey of learning from basics to advance chemistry.

Our teachers have the planned curriculum for the students which makes them interested in the chemistry as the curriculum is designed as such it covers all the basics and advanced perspective of chemistry in their syllabus which not only makes them interested in chemistry they can also score higher grades in the subject. Due to our teacher's skills and expertise we are one of the A level chemistry tuition in Singapore our teachers’s take care every of the student and our team take tests from each of the students so that they can see how much improvement has come in each of the students so that we can improve that student further.


Private tuition Singapore


There are many students who want to learn chemistry or any other subject but they always feels shy in the crowd which makes them less interested in group classes or there are many of the students who are weak in chemistry but they need special attention in chemistry for all those students they can learn chemistry by conducting private tuitions and they can learn chemistry alone from the teacher which would take the advantage to the student to ask basic questions which he cannot ask in the group and by special attention of teacher he can learn chemistry more.

Home Tuition Agency Singapore

The Edu Aid is Singapore based leading company well known for providing the best home tuition services. We have a team of professional home tutors for all subject who are able to help your children for getting good grades in her favorite subject. Edu Aid have earned a trustworthy home tuition agency name in Singapore by his best services.

Let Our Expert Tutors Help You Cross All Obstacles

As science and technology advance, the things that you are expected to study have also advanced. Education is no easier. There are so many things to learn before you complete your studies at school and junior college. The syllabus has become tough as more complex things have to be learned. You need to be fully prepared for education at the university level where there is even lesser personal attention to each student and the volume of studies is very high. Your secondary and junior college syllabus are made tough to prepare you for the university education. This is the reason that there is a sudden increase in the volume and difficulty when you go to the secondary level.

Some students find it difficult to understand certain subjects when they reach the A level. This is especially true with chemistry. The subject itself is very complex with many branches to it. Some of them have complex equations and formulas that are difficult for even the brilliant students to understand. Schools cannot concentrate too much on each student and hence some of the students don’t understand what is happening. This gives them the fear that they will not do well in the exams. All they need is a little personal attention and time.


Home tutors are the best solution to relieve these students from their tension. A home tutor can explain slowly the basics of these equations. Once the fundamentals are understood then the subject not only becomes easy but also a favourite subject for the students. Edu Aid has highly educated tutors who will give the students A-level chemistry tuition at their homes. They can easily put the students out of their misery by explaining the things very clearly.


Economics is a subject that cannot be limited to school studies. If you need to understand the theories of economics, you must know a lot of things that are happening around you. The subject deals with what is happening in the world every day, and it is difficult to study well at school. A good economics tuition will make the students masters in the subject. Edu Aid has many highly-qualified economics tutors for your support.